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A puncture is no match for our experts as they ensure that every puncture repair is carried out to the certain recommendations set by NZTA. To meet these recommendations a safe quality tyre is needed  to be on the road. Tyres are the only part of the vehicle which is in contact with the road and are therefore one of the most important parts in terms of safety. 

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Have your punctured tyre repaired with the qualified and experienced staff at Nono Mags N Tyres for superior driving control, comfort and safety.

We know how frustrating it is to get an unexpected tyre puncture, which is why we’ve made our tyre puncture repair service as easy and as convenient as possible. Pop in at our store and we will be sure to help you out.

Before every puncture repair, check for secondary damage including deformed bead wires, rubber or tread separations, deterioration caused by grease or corrosive fluid (or age), marking of the interior rubber and any checks for all other signs of excessive wear to ensure that a safe puncture repair can be carried out.

If your tyre cannot be repaired, we will be recommending tyre options for you to avail for your tyres to be replaced and for you to be safe on the road. Please be advised that some punctures are not repairable and our technician will inform you of this at the time of the tyre inspection.

If you live in Petone, Lower Hutt or the surrounding areas, and your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact Nono Mags N Tyres on 04 210 0568 / 0210 0820 1176 or call in and see us at 36 Railway Ave, Alicetown, Lower Hutt, Wellington, 5010.

Reasons why we may be unable to repair a tyre:


The bead wire is damaged or visible


The tyre has deteriorated due to leaking fluid


The depth of the tread is too worn


The tread or the rubber has separated


The tyre has sustained irreparable damage


The internal side walls have been subjected to overheating

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Are puncture repairs safe?

Tyres that have a puncture are perfectly safe to repair providing the condition of the tyre has been evaluated by an expert and that the puncture was sustained in the central ¾ of the tyre which is considered the safe area.

A puncture repair is not considered safe if the tyre has visible damage or has sustained damage to the internal casing.

How do I check if my tyre has a puncture?

If your tyres appear to be losing pressure but there are no visible signs of a puncture i.e. a screw in the tyre, then it is possible you have a leaky valve. Losing pressure in your tyres not only poses a safety risk as underinflated tyres have less grip on the roads.Also it increases your fuel consumption. Your car manual will advise of the correct pressures for your tyres.

Can I mend a puncture near the sidewall?

No. Mending a punctured tyre requires the tyre to be removed from the wheel and deflated and the repair is done using an air drill which can weaken the sidewall as it is made of softer materials than the central tread. The sidewall of the tyre carries the majority of the load when you are driving so you need this area to be as strong as possible.

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