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Maintain even tread wear and improve control over your vehicle especially in wet conditions. Regularly rotating your tires also gives you a good opportunity to visually inspect them for damage, check their air pressure, have them rebalanced if you’re noticing any vibration, and check their tread depth.

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Have your next tyre rotation done with the qualified and experienced staff at Nono Mags N Tyres for superior driving control, comfort and safety.

Tyre rotation is the process of periodically moving your tyres from one axle to the other (in pairs). Tyre rotation is important to maximise tyre life.  Tyres often wear unevenly due to everyday factors such as road surface and weather. By rotating your tyres, you’re helping to prevent uneven wear. Also you will be keeping your tread depth as even as possible, help to keep the traction and handling on all four tyres consistent, improve braking and cornering performance, and ensure you have a safer drive on the road.

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A tyre rotation will not only improve the safety of your vehicle, it also aims to prolong the lifespan of your tyres too.

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Even Treadwear and Tire Life


Increased ride comfort


Maintain Proper Alignment


Improved handling

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What are the benefits of using our tyre rotation service?

If your front tyres have less tread remaining than the rear tyres, it could cause your vehicle to lose traction and aquaplane in wet conditions. Similarly, if your front tyres have more tread remaining than the rear tyres, the latter could cause oversteer and compromise your safety on the road. Tyre rotation provides smooth car handling and ensures even wear and tear.

How often should tyre rotation be done?

Many people have their tires rotated every time they get their oil changed. If you are curious about the best time to have your vehicle’s tires rotated, check your owner’s manual for a recommendation from the manufacturer for the specific make and model.

DIY rotation or Mechanic?

It’s better for a mechanic to do the job when it comes to tire rotation. When you try to do it yourself, it is easier for the tires to be improperly aligned or rotated the wrong way. A trained service technician at Nono Mags N Tyres can easily make sure that your vehicle’s tires are rotated correctly to optimize performance and durability.

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